The Influence of Magazine Fashion: Then and Now

In the early 1800s, fashionable American women already had access to the designs of Charles Frederick Worth, who is known to be the pioneer in genuine fashion designs. He was recognized in the publications of Harper’s Bazaar. As the fashion industry progressed, other fashion designers appeared in different fashion magazines with their diverse creations. By the 20th century, fashion magazines became the most popular and primary source of all up to date fashion designs.

During the onset of wardrobe designing, gown concepts were initially illustrated through drawings, but as the industry evolved, photography became the major outlet of designs. During this period, fashion and art were viewed by artists as one. A few of the most popular and successful fashion journals of all time like Vogue and Vanity Fair continuously encourages the idea of merging fashion and visual arts.


Magazine Fashion Became Pop Culture

 Vogue was a fashion magazine that truly embodied what fashion was all about. This magazine played a huge role in America not just to provide fashion sketches and patterns coming from Paris, but also promote French couture. Because of this, one of France’s top notch designers, Paul Poiret, recognized the vital role that Vogue magazine played. He said Vogue allowed French designers like him to reach out to a widening American clientele.

Through the years, fashion statements were based on ensembles that first appeared as magazine fashion. Stylish men and women relied heavily on what fashion trends appeared in these magazines. People also started looking forward to magazine shoots and celebrities being featured on the covers and centerfolds. It was the ultimate height of popularity to be on the cover of Vogue or Runway.Fashion magazines are not only popular in the United States and France, but its influence was spread throughout the globe as well. The recognition received by fashion magazines across the globe opened opportunities for new and smaller scale fashion magazines.

The Asian Scene

 Fashion in Asia may have advanced slowly compared to America and Europe, but its success is apparent. There are already famed fashion designers coming from countries like Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. One of the reasons for this is the abdundance of fabrics and threads in this region. Silk, satin, lace and other woven fabrics feature prominently in Asian designs.

Fashion magazines are also abundant here. Besides having a local version of Vogue, Runway, Elle and other popular Western publications, there are also a number of local ones which have gained recognition.One of the up-and-coming magazines in Asia is Magazine fashion Muljadi, an online style magazine that showcases fashion trends in Asia. Just like the any other magazine, it promotes, introduces and advertises different creations from well-know and budding designers.

 By following the footsteps of the giants in the industry, this style magazine will definitely capture larger markets in the future. Great reviews about magazine fashion Muljadi are boosting its popularity – both online and offline. The magazine is also expected to make waves in pop culture by featuring what’s trending and hot in different locales.The influence of the fashion magazines extends beyond clothes and accessories. It is a dynamic and engaging and industry that inspires people in so many ways.