Oh Those Braces


Those of you who wore braces, you know the struggle. And you know that it really is annoying. Also, there are so many things you have to do in order to get them. You have to deal with other people who will ask stupid questions and also you have to deal with your dentist quite […]

VMAs´ Best And Worst


Yesterday´s night was the night of MTV Video Music Awards. And celebs did enjoy this huge event, just as they all do every year. And although it is not a night of beautiful designer gowns, there is still somehting to it. Because VMAs have their own unique style. Which should be called: no rules. There […]

What Phoebe Taught Us


Despite the fact that many people think Phoebe was not really a good character (I have actually heard some people complaining on her existence) she actually was just the person without who Friends would not be Friends. You know, she is that weird person you are sometimes really annoyed by, but yet, she is an […]

A Transforming Optimus Prime Cake


Are you looking for some special cake you would make for your child? Well, preferably, for your son? Then do not hesitate no more, we have just the best idea for you! If you really want to make this birthday the best birthday for your son, then do what these parents did. Make a transforming […]

Being Locked In A Gym


On one lovely day, Nick Clayton decided to go to the gym. And after a really hard workout, he thought he deserves to relax a little and so he went to sauna, put his headphones on and relaxed. And then, it happened. After 15 minutes, he decided it was the time to go out. So […]

Benefits Of Vitamix 750


Try new recipes For anyone who really loves to cook, you are probably always on the look out for new equipment that you can use with in your kitchen. Having new tools is really good, because that means that you can try new recipes and add new flavours. For people who really enjoy making smoothies, […]

Jewish Moms Vs. Date My Son


Have you heard of the show called Date My Son? Well, if you haven´t then let me briefly explain. But just briefly, because I am not sure what the point of it is either. Anyway, there are usually some Moms who are looking for a perfect partner for their son. And also some girls who […]

The Size Of A Sun


I know, you have probably heard the crazy number which was supposed to inform you about the size of the Sun. But seriously, could you imagine its size? Can you imagine how big it actually is compared to Earth? I know, you have probably only seen the picture of the Solar System where everything has […]