Funny Things About Pregnancy


Believe it or not, there are some funny things about pregnancy. Well, the truth is that we should laugh in every situation, right? And we should always be searching for something positive, ain´t that what are are taught? So why don´t we find something funny and positive about pregnancy? I mean, it is not only […]

Doug The Pug Vs. Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift´s Instagram is full of interesting photos. If you are a follower, you probably know that. However, what you do not know about is this dog recreating her Instagram photos. Ladies and Gentleman meet Doug the Pug, or Taylor Swift if you want. Because honestly, they look alike! Ain´t that right? Just watch the […]

Signs That You Are Not Really A Summer Person


Even though summer may be great for a while, there are a few things that some people hate. Like really hate. They drive them crazy. These people are really not that “summer type of people”. You know, the ones who spend the entire days outside, sunbathing, chilling out near a pool or lake, drinking outside […]

Nemesis At Work


Well, at workplace there is always a person which is above the rest. And it does not really have to be the boss. It can just be one of your colleagues. But not just a usual one. The person needs to be special. The person is something more. Someone who is admired, respected, someone charismatic. […]

This Traffic Jam Is Terrific!


How many of you hate being stuck in a traffic jam? Well, those of you who do not have probably never been in one. Traffic jams are the worst. However, if you think that they are only our thing, then you need to see this video! Because apparently, ants know something about traffic jams two. […]

Siblings Vs. Sibling Facts


Having a sibling is just awesome! And everybody who has one knows that it is a relationship very unique which cannot be compared to any other kind of relationship. Because your sibling is just like you. It is a person who knows you best. At least this is how it should be. Or is it […]