College Women Vs. Sexual Assault


Sexual assault is present everywhere. Even at the places where you would never expect it. Just like college campuses. You would probably think that college is full of intelligent people, but the truth is that even at the university, women cannot avoid being assaulted sexually. But anyway, there is still some hope that when such […]

The Struggles Of Contouring


Contouring is now quite huge. Everybody tries it, everybody wants to learn how to do it right, because once it is done right, it is absolutely stunning! Just look up some experienced makeup artists and you will understand. However, if you happen to be a beginner and you want to try it out for the […]

Awesome Magic Tricks To Show Your Kids


If you want to impress your kids somehow, these magic tricks are exactly what you are looking for. And perhaps your kids will finally be quiet at least for a while. Anyway, these tricks are easy but absolutely awesome and we guarantee that your children will love them! Do not worry, you do not need […]

When Your Diet Proves That You Are Broke


Being broke means that you have to save your money. Or spend the least amount possible, right? And that also means that your food budget, becomes lower. Like way lower. No more burgers, takeouts, snacks, just the food that you really need to eat in order to survive. Well, it sounds crazy but the fact […]

The Best Brownie Of All


What is the best brownie like? Well, you are about to find out soon! I bet that some of you always wanted their brownie to have some frosting. Well, you do not have to hope anymore, you can simply make one! Just keep on reading and learn this awesome recipe with which your brownie will […]

Your Thoughts During A Pedicure


Pedicure is even worse than a manicure, right? I mean, even though you probably think that your hands are disgusting and everything, they can never be as disgusting as your feet. Feet are disgusting. That is right. And so your thoughts during a pedicure mostly revolve around your feet and how terrible they look. And […]

Always Google Your Date


Do you Google your date? I know, you should be slowly getting to know each other and not find out all the information about each other online, but perhaps you might need to find out some basic things about your date before you actually go on that date, donĀ“t you think? Well, think about it. […]

The Saving Of A Baby Elephant


In India people know what comes first. When a baby elephant fell down abandoned well and got trapped in it, a group of people got together and saved this baby by digging a path so that the elephant could get out o the well. After a while, the elephant walked out and was saved! It […]

The Worst Wedding Prank Of All!


Do you like pranks? Well, if you do, then everything is okay, but this bride was not really that excited when her husband surprised her with this awesome prank which actually let her horrified. No wonder, groom had a few entertainers dress as waiters and pretend to drop their wedding cake. Can you imagine her […]